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Why Sinotrade?
  • Sinotrade already has an established and well-reputed business in China. We have the experience and expertise of business in China and also have strong business links with various suppliers.

  • Our experience and strong business links mean we can locate the best prices and sellers for any product you may require.

  • We shall negotiate on your behalf. This gives you further price advantage.

  • You will get the advantage of our excellent infrastructure and offices in China.

  • We have an expert team of highly trained, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic (Chinese & Indian) staff that are highly capable at their respective jobs and very well informed and aware of business practices in China and the Far East. If your esteemed group agrees to avail Sinotrade’s services, two members of our staff will be fully dedicated to look after your activities in China.

  • Assistance from our dedicated staff would mean that you would be in constant touch with the sellers. These members of staff will make regular visits to the sellers' factories and offices and keep you updated with product list and prices on a daily basis. You would be the first to know when a new product is launched or if there are any special offers running.

  • We shall buy the goods on your behalf and on your instruction. We will arrange for payments to be made in local currency and in any form, the seller may want.

  • At the time of buying, we inspect each item carefully. This reduces the chances of damaged products and avoids any discrepancies in the count or wrong product.

  • We also ensure you get better after sales service from the sellers. We will handle the sellers in case of discrepancy or faulty goods as per the terms agreed.

  • You will avail the benefit of our export license to get the goods shipped to you.

  • Working with us would mean you have constant physical presence in China and would not have to travel very often. This will save you precious time and money.

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