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SILK - The Queen of Textiles, spells luxury, elegance, class and comfort. Mankind has always loved this shimmering fibre of unparalleled grandeur from the moment Chinese Empress Shiling Ti discovered it in her tea cup. It withstood many a daunting challenges from other natural and artificial fibres and yet, remained the undisputed Queen of Textiles since centuries. Exquisite qualities like the natural sheen, inherent affinity for dyes and vibrant colours, high absorbance, light weight, resilience and excellent drape etc. have made silk, the irresistible and inevitable companion of the eve, all over the world.

Chemically speaking, silk is made of proteins secreted in the fluid state by a caterpillar, popularly known as 'silkworm'. These silkworms feed on the selected food plants and spin cocoons as a 'protective shell' to perpetuate the life. Silkworm has four stages in its life cycle viz., egg, caterpillar, pupa and moth. Man interferes this life cycle at the cocoon stage to obtain the silk, a continuous filament of commercial importance, used in weaving of the dream fabric.

We,Sinotrade Global Limited mainly dealing the Silk Yarn & Silk Fabric business from China to India, Pakistan,Japan& Korea, especially focus on the Mulberry Silk Yarn 20/22D, Tussah Silk 33/37D,Douppion Silk 100/120D,Thrown Silk s330 or z800/s700 along with the popular fabric items like Georgette, Crepe &Habotai and fancy fabric like 10101/10103,12101,11216,14654 etc.

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