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Wood forms have been in use in the construction industry for so long that for a time, manufacturers of aluminium form systems have experienced difficulties and resistance from main contractors in trying to convince them to switch but not without scoring some success.

Major property developers, architects and general contractors have, by now, realized the substantial savings in labour and material costs they can achieve coupled with the reduction of construction waste and the impact on environmental conservation by using aluminium formwork system. It is undeniably the most versatile modern construction system that is applicable to most types of structure that requires the use of cast in place, in-situ concrete construction.

The aluminium formwork is specifically designed to allow rapid construction on all types of architectural layouts.

Aluminium formwork take much less time to erect even by less skilled labour as the formworks are ready to put in place almost as soon as they arrive on site whereas wood forms must be set up from scratch which is a very tedious and labour intensive process. Similarly, the labour force required for striking formwork is equally less.

The use of aluminium formwork ensures both consistency of dimension and high quality concrete surfaces. Doors and windows are precisely cast in position allowing frames to be directly installed on site with very little re-sizing required. The high quality concrete finish is suitable for applying tiles and paints directly requiring minimal or no plastering.

Aluminium formwork may cost about three times more than wood but it can be balanced off by a combination of contributing factors such as unsurpassed construction speed, high quality finish, less labour force, light weight easy handling, low waste and reusable over 200 times all render it more economical than timber formwork.

There is, however, still an added bonus, aluminium forms are actually recyclable. Even after the useful life of a panel has expired, there is value in the aluminium itself as scrap for recycling.

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