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Backed by an extensive global network, SINO TRADE is a one stop shop for all buyers providing a bouquet of services for its clients. The company sources a variety of products by representing overseas manufacturers and suppliers from different countries to Indian market in various categories of industries.

its storng negotiation skills, excellent communication channels and commitment to its service, the company offers result-oriented services to its clients.

This gamuet of services includes :-
Product Development & Sourcing

Developing and sourcing your products from abroad could be your single most important, cost-effective business strategy in taking your business to the next level. However this invites lot of risks. Its here that SINO Trade steps in therby eliminating these obstacles and enhancing your business success.

The company's holistic approach for the product development and sourcing programs help clients improve margins and increase brand growth and profitability by delivering product with improved innovation, speed, quality and value. Development planning, product design and development, sourcing and vendor collaboration and manufacturing are the four key mantras which helps the company to achieve its target. The company takes umpteem measures to ensure "Quality assurance" at all levels. It also ofers Efficient logistics system for absolute adherence to deadlines.

Communication & Co-ordination

Good Communication & Co-ordination is the central key for the very existence of a company. When you choose SINO Trade it saves you form the hassle of multiple point of communication with vendors, test labs, banking etc. You do not have to struggle with the communication barriers of time, distance, human resources, and cultural differences. The forerunners of the company ensures that there is ample of communication between the client and the supplier which is vital in streamlining goals and ensuring unified visions are achieved in a lesser time.

Quality Assurance & Inspections

SINO TRADE moves on the philosophy of "QUALITY CULTURE". It believes that quality is appreciated as an attribute of the processes engaged in creating the final product. It provides multidisciplinary and comprehensive professional services that enable the clients to succeed across a wide range of goals regardless of size, scope or complexity.

Our technical and commercial quality guidelines are set to high standards. We consistently monitor our performance against these pre-determined policies as a part of our objective to constantly innovate and to improvise. Our team supervises the quality assurance and control aspects along the entire process system by identifying and associating with the quality circles.

The company follows a two-tier system to assure that the best reaches out to its customers. In the first tier, the company ably ensures that all shortcomings in a product is brought to the notice of the manufacturer and weeded out in the production level itself. Our group of experienced professionals conducts rigorous quality checks at every stage of production. In the second tier, there is a rigorous check to ensure high quality of product.

Logistic Support

The torchbearers of the company understand that supply change optimization can be attained only through the perfect management of people, place, logistics and time. In order to ensure this synchronization, we have a pool of vast & varied experience and highly skilled experts, with a complete focus on the timely dispatch and delivery of your goods.

Our portfolio reflects our commitment, skill, passion and excellent service. Our team of qualified personnel wprks in complete co-ordination to help the customers by arranging for cargo consolidation. We make sure that the cargo reaches the respective destination well before the specified time through our sea cargo consolidation and freight consolidation services.

Come and join hands with us and we ensure you a complete hassle free sorurcing experience
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